State Secretary Trachte met the speos innovation team during a visit to BeCentral

On January 20, the Secretary of State for the Brussels-Capital Region in charge of economic transition and scientific research, Barbara Trachte, visited the BeCentral digital campus. She met the speos innovation team. Together they discussed cross-pollination and synergies between traditional companies and start-ups under the same roof.

The speos innovation team develops digital solutions for companies that want to optimize and simplify their business processes. The team consists of 5 people and is an extension of the core business of speos, which has 20 years of experience in processing and sending outbound document flows, both digitally and by postmail. The team is involved in the development of solutions in identity management, payment facilities, end-user management and inbound document processing.

Be Central, a digital hub in the heart of Brussels

BeCentral is a digital campus located at Brussels Central Station. The workplace was founded by more than 60 entrepreneurs and serves as a starting point to understand new technologies, grow start-ups and have an impact on society. BeCentral’s mission is to involve everyone in the digital revolution.

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