SPEOS adapts offerings to changing market

speos, a Belgian company that develops Omni-Channel document management solutions for its customers, is evolving with the market and continuing to digitise its range of services at the request of its customers.

After all, companies have undergone a real revolution. Digital communication channels have entered all organisations; the focus is on supporting and guiding customers in optimizing their business processes.

This has led to profound changes within the organization. Intensive efforts were made to improve the quality of core services and the efficiency of work processes. The corporate culture has also undergone a profound change, with a focus on faster development paths.

In addition, speos has strengthened its knowledge and expertise in the field of digital communication channels to enable a strong focus on targeted Digital Services offerings in the future. Therefore, the company has also set up a new specialist department.

To reinforce this new strategy and goals, speos is presenting its new logo and corporate identity.

Jean-Paul Serneels, Marketing and Innovation Director of speos, clarifies:
“We deliberately keep our name because we found that speos, as the market leader in transactional, enjoys a high level of customer loyalty.
Our new business line “Digital Services” fits perfectly with our experience, but at the same time creates a whole new market.
Our numerous IT profiles are tailored to help our clients meet these new challenges as well. The new logo should allow us to more easily launch this new service to the market The more modern style expresses the innovative culture that is becoming increasingly important within our company.”