The more channels you have, the more effective your communication with your customers is and the more value you get from your business transactions. With our multi-channel approach, your customers can choose at any time which channels they want to receive their communication through.

Our platform offers an end-to-end solution for creating and sending electronic PDF and paper documents, with full support for all channels. The system can be integrated quickly and easily into other platforms and solutions.

Serve your customer via the digital channel of their choice. speos offers innovative solutions, from document creation to complete management and distribution. Add value to your communications by letting your customers choose their preferred channel: e-mail, OpenPEPPOL, eBOX, SFTP, Ariba, tungsten, etc.

Customer experience

Improve your customer experience by sending the right message at the right time through the right channel. Based on our extensive experience and fully automated platform, we can provide you with the best possible guidance in choosing the right channel, minimizing your customers’ average time to pay and defining a marketing strategy based on best practices. Ensure consistency between your communication channels and the production of your documents. This way, you ensure regulatory compliance.

Open, centralised archive system

Our electronic document management solution is our multi-channel platform. It allows the creation and sending of your documents to the platform of your choice. Is the original in electronic format? It will be signed automatically. This means that the sender is known and reliable and that the document has not been modified.

It is then archived for operational and legal purposes and used for various applications (e.g. for your contact center).

Document presentation

Once your documents are saved, your customers will be notified of their availability. They can open, view, sign, pay or return the document via a secure link. Documents can also be displayed in an online banking environment or on other portals used by your customer, such as Zoomit, Doccle, eBox, etc. They can also be sent as email attachments. This process can be integrated with all standard ERP systems and contains a complete solution for bounce management.

Your benefits

  • Flexible and stable multi-channel platform capable of handling large volumes
  • Adapts to market changes and is compatible with current e-providers
  • Trusted eIDAS service offering
  • Secure online archiving system compliant with EU legislation available 24/7
  • Cost-effective document management


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