Digital Solutions

A digital experience

Improve the personalized digital experience with your customers, the on-boarding of web and mobile applications and enjoy fast integration of mobile applications.

One platform, unlimited channels

We offer a platform that is fully compatible with your existing IT systems, our implementation is flexible and tailored to your needs. In addition, we offer electronic delivery to the digital channels of your choice.

Enhance your customers’ experience by adding a mobile service.

Give your customers a unique and personal web experience. They can access their data quickly and easily through a single interactive and responsive interface, in compliance with current regulations.

Online payment solutions

Your bills are paid faster and more efficiently with options like payment buttons, mobile apps and web interfaces.


speos offers trust services for your multi-channel electronic communication, e.g. digital signature and digital registered mail with guaranteed court acceptance.

Your benefits

  • Flexible and stable multi-channel platform capable of handling large volumes
  • Adapts to market changes and is compatible with current e-providers
  • Trusted eIDAS service offering
  • Secure online archiving system compliant with EU legislation available 24/7
  • Cost-effective document management

Digital Solutions

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