7 July 2015 Christel Devleesschauwer

speos now also manages the printing volume of the Flemish Tax Service

The “Vlaamse Belastingdienst” (VLABEL) already relies on speos for the management of electronic documents. VLABEL offers the Belgian citizens the opportunity to receive their tax bill electronically via Zoomit. speos acts as Document Services Provider (DSP) for Zoomit. Given the confidentiality of the data to be exchanged between VLABEL and speos, it is crucial that the highest possible safety measures are taken to protect the data of the citizen. Therefore, speos has already obtained the ISO 27001 certificate on information security management.

As from 2016 speos will also distribute the printed documents for VLABEL. speos is specialized in the management of administrative documents and has the required capacity, experience and knowledge to process the document flows in an optimal way. Our service is established on the basis of a unique and fully automated platform, spread over two advanced and secured production facilities, enabling us to provide our customers always high qualitative services.