8 April 2019 Livia Celis

Pagero selected as the French government’s single PEPPOL Access Point

April 4th, 2019

Pagero has been selected as the single PEPPOL Access Point for the French e-invoicing platform Chorus Pro. This means that as of today, all suppliers – both French and foreign – will be able to reach the French public sector via PEPPOL France guidelines provided by Pagero.

Pagero was selected after a formal RFP process initiated by AIFE (the IT agency of the French Ministry of Finance, responsible for the development and maintenance of the Chorus Pro platform) to identify an experienced technology partner with the capability to improve PEPPOL connectivity in France in order to enhance the national adoption rate of e-invoicing.

The decision is part of the final phase of the gradual implementation of the French B2G e-invoicing mandate, ensuring compliance with the Directive 2014/55/EU that comes into force April 18, 2019.

Companies using Pagero as an access point will gain:

  • Easy access to the entire French public sector via Chorus Pro:
    • for businesses of any size – micro or multinational;
    • no matter where they are domiciled – France or abroad;
    • via a single connection up to their choosing: web portal, virtual printer, AS2, AS4, SFTP, etc.
  • Built-in e-document compliance capabilities;
  • Zero-downtime processing infrastructure; and
  • Customer support 24/5 in 12 languages

Important deadlines for mandatory B2G e-invoicing in France:

  • For governmental suppliers
    • France started introducing B2G e-invoicing mandate for suppliers already in 2017
    • From January 1, 2020, all suppliers to contracting authorities must submit e-invoices only
  • For contracting entities
    • Starting from April 18, 2019, all French contracting entities will be able to receive e-invoices compatible with the European Norm