1 juni 2018 Livia Celis

speos signs partnership agreement with global e-business network Pagero

speos enters into a partnership with Pagero, a cloud-based network which is independent of ERP systems and designed to seamlessly communicate business documents within the purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash and transport management processes.

As part of the partnership, speos will promote, implement and support Pagero’s services within Belgium.

“We see a clear trend that the EU regulation is gaining traction in Belgium, and in just a few months, the e-procurement directive EU/2014/55 has become an important point on the agenda both within the public and private sector,” says Fredrik Rosenqvist, VP Partner & Alliances, Pagero Group.  “This partnership is an important step for us in establishing a strong foothold in the Belgian market and we are looking forward to continue building our network in Belgium together with speos.”

“By partnering with Pagero, speos responds to the market demand to enhance buying and selling efforts using electronic data exchange and process automation. Pagero’s platform Pagero Online connects us to the Flemish government through their B2G e-invoicing platform Mercurius, and also in the future to the French government and many other platforms around the globe”, says Jean-Paul Serneels, Commercial Director at speos. “Furthermore, security and data protection is one of Pagero’s main priorities, which is in line with speos’ strategy where secure processing of our customers’ data is of utmost importance.”