speos produces invoices for the oil company’s customers that use their Fuel card, and invoices for the oil company’s dealers across Europe and Asia.

The company migrated from paper to electronic based communications or uses a combination of both which has many different value points for oil companies. Besides the generation, production and distribution of invoices, speos also provides legal archiving on an international basis. speos has created a centralized viewing system for all the subsidiaries in each country, so they can select, view and print locally documents which are completely identical to those printed by speos earlier.

The viewing system is fully integrated into the internal network and the oil company’s extranet. The local subsidiary companies can remotely consult the documents for which they have access rights. This is done in an completely secured environment, according to the oil company’s rules and security procedures.

Most of the invoices are sent electronically and to different third-party platforms. For retailers, invoices are legally compliant with the local e-regulations. Speos offers transparency to their affiliates through their tracking and reporting systems.

On mail distribution, strict SLA’s are in place, and proactive reporting is set up. The average delivery time in Europe is 2,2 days. The delivery times are measured by an independent quality of service measurement.