Open centralized archiving system

The core of our electronic document production is our multichannel platform. This platform manages the preparation, signing, viewing or sending your legal document to the platform of your choice.

Delivering a legal, electronic document is the basis of e-exchange. When the original document is electronic, it is signed by our hardware signing module, proving that the sender is known and trustworthy and that the document has not been changed.

Your document is stored in speos archiving system for operational and legal purposes and used for multiple applications. This archive is accessible via a dedicated application (i.e. for your call center) or via white label web services.

Your benefits

  • Flexible, stable multichannel platform, capable of handling large volumes
  • Platform evolving with the needs of the market and interoperable with new e-providers
  • 24/7 secured online archiving system
  • Fully legalized archiving system conform European legislation
  • Reduce document management costs

Multichannel distribution

When documents are put on the speos archiving system, a notification is sent to your customers, informing them that the documents are available. With the secured link, they can open, review, sign, pay and/or send the file back — all from the convenience of a web browser or mobile device. This process includes a complete bounce management solution.

Documents can also be presented in an online bank environment or other portals used by the customer such as Doccle, Zoomit, Bill to Box… or can be sent through an e-mail with attachment. The speos solution integrates also with all standard ERP systems.


Improve your customer’s experience and your company’s bottom line by getting the right message to the right person at the right time and on the right device. With our extensive experience and market-leading automation technologies for all industries, we can help you through :

• User management to define the right channel
• Bounce strategy to minimize your Days Sales Outstanding
• Marketing strategy based on best practices

e-payment solutions

Get your invoices paid easier and faster through different options such as pay buttons, mobile apps or web interface.


Integrated workflow to get your documents (HR contracts, subscriptions,…) legally signed by your customers (for interim sector)


Roaming of documents to every platform with integrated opt-in, opt-out procedures and status logging. speos offers a single, easy-to-implement gateways across different locations, ERP systems and document formats. Examples of active platforms are Zoomit, Basware, Doccle, Bill to Box, Addocted, OB10, E-prior…